Knowing God - Jeremiah 31

by Hope NY Church


Jeremiah 31:31–34

The Attributes of God

Many people wander in this world not knowing the true living God, not knowing why we face so much hardship and sufferings and injustice etc. Greed, self-centeredness continues to rule and not the best side of human beings shows forth. So Christianity with our gospel message in Christ Jesus is the central corner stone message for all, and yet people shun church and regard any church as an organized religion and therefore not interested. The root cause of this problem is not the people’s fault or the church. People don’t know God. There is generally a very vague sense at best of what the real nature is of the God the Bible puts forth, and because of that, the Christian message, the Christian life, and the Christian ethic make no sense. Without the foundational knowledge of who God is, nothing else about Christianity makes sense at all. The Ten Commandments make no sense. That’s the reason why they are discarded and ignored in a place like New York City. It’s not simply because people are immoral; it’s because people, in a foundational way, don’t understand who God is.